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plotlines from last night's dream which would make very poor horror films indeed

trying to rescue a few friends (including george clooney) from a brainwashing cult devoted to making and delivering pizzas as quickly as possible; being attacked by a group of razor-blade wielding 8 year olds; being strong-armed into signing a contract to help renovate the house next door, said house being owned by angel the tv character, and said contract being enforced by his real-estate agent, who is a middle-aged woman/demon from hell, where he currently lives; being sent by my mother on a holy quest to fight the evil dragon which lives in a cave somewhere in manchester, said cave in fact being a condemned factory which the police wouldn't let me anywhere near after i accidentally ran over some dead bodies lying in the street; making out with kitty; accidentally sleeping in a gutter full of poisonous tree-destroying mushrooms; playing a video-game about using karate to fight fire-breathing dinosaurs, one of whom later invades our home and we probably should have fought it off but instead just went out for a walk; using unpredictable magic powers, and a large rock-chiseling laser, to fight invading portugese demons we may have accidentally summoned, although really it was more the fault of the possessed cultist nun who later tried to kill me in the hospital.
Tags: amusement, dreams

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