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To whom it may concern,

I was given a parking ticket at the Ashmont T station on the night of July 16th. This surprised me, as - since I'd never been to Ashmont before - when I parked I looked around the lot to make sure there weren't any signs saying not to park there. I'd seen, when I was driving up to the station, that the first entrance had a Do Not Enter sign on it (further explaining that it was an employee lot), so i drove past. Immediately after that was another entrance, this time with no visible signs, so I turned in there. A moment later the road forked, and there was another Do Not Enter sign in the middle, this time with an arrow pointing to the right []. All the way on the right side of the right part of the fork was another Do Not Enter sign with no extra info on it. As the only option available to me here was to take the left part of the fork, I did so, and this put me into a parking lot. There were a few cars here, but not many. I didn't see any signs telling me how long I could park or if there was a fee, etc; the only sign with any information at all was the one telling me to stay out of the employee lot which was divided from this larger lot by cement barriers. Thus assured, I went about my business in the city.
I came back to find my car ticketed; spotting a police officer parked nearby, I walked over to ask him what the ticket was for. He told me I had been parked in a bus lot and had gone right past the Do Not Enter sign. I pointed out that the sign said only not to go to the right, which I hadn't done. He insisted that it pointed both ways and made me walk back and check. On a closer inspection, I could tell that there had been an arrow both ways, at one point, but it had been scraped away on the left side []. I told the officer this, and he proceeded to insinuate that this was somehow my doing, which I did not appreciate. If the sign had been accurate, I would not have parked in that lot.
After this, I looked around some more and found, by the entrance from the street, there was another small sign saying not to enter. I hadn't seen this before because it is turned so as not to be visible from the street [], and looks very clearly like it is meant for oncoming traffic. This sign cannot be read until you are already going around the corner [], and trying to read signs while I'm turning seems like a bad idea, generally.
In conclusion, I am not going to pay $25 caused by innacurate signs. I suppose trusting Massachusetts to properly take care of signs was stupid on my part, considering how many major intersections are left completely unmarked, but at the time it seemed reasonable. If you are that desperate for the money, take it out of the paycheck of whoever is in charge of sign upkeep, or give a speeding ticket to whoever was in police car 252. Later that night, that car flew by me going at least 85mph with no sirens or flashing lights or anything.

thank you for your time,
Daniel Widrew
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