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cheesecake for breakfast

fun things to try, in no particular order:
* fall asleep, and then be woken up by a cat jumping directly onto your face
* drive to montreal with 5 friends, go to a club full of hot scene kids and good music and dance all night, watch a blood-spattered gangwar sidewalk slapfight, all 6 of you covertly sleep in one small hotel room, and then drive home the next day. oh yeah, and get stopped at the border for a half hour, for no reason whatsoever, by a grumpy lady with a bad eye twitch (and i made beth spit out her drink from laughter TWICE. my new goal is to make her laugh so hard she vomits)
* drunk birthday party karaoke evil dead funtime with special guest appearance by the phanton of the opera and a cloud. (cara, speaking to me in a very loud whisper, right after telling jennie not to have sex with me: "dan, penetrate her!")
* go skinny dipping in a lake with 1 friend and 5 people you just met
* get lost in massachusetts for over 5 hours. a couple weeks later, do it again for over 3 hours (i actually don't recommend this one)

on this wednesday (HOLYCRAP), i (with an accompanying kevin, who flies home at journey's end) will be setting off on a 2 week meandering drive to bellingham washington, where i will be living until i run out of money and can't find work. so like a month.
there are so many people i wanted to see, and things i wanted to do, before i left. and every time i saw someone, i wanted to see them one more time before i left. and now i'm leaving and i didn't even get to see a lot of people. crap.

because obviously my opinions on the topic are very important...
here is my solution to the gay marriage dilemma that has swept this nation like a plague of really stupid locusts with nothing better to do than meddle on the lives of other locusts: don't give gay marriages legal recognition. and don't give straight people's marriages legal recognition either. i don't think that marriage or civil union or whatever else should be a legal concept to begin with. if you want to marry for religious or social reasons, than good on you, but why should that effect your tax bracket? basically the rights of marriage come down to visitation, power of (attorney, medical decisions, etc. various powers), financial codependence (insurance, supporting each other and children, etc). there is no reason, legally speaking, for these things to not just be declared on their own. i can give anyone i feel like my power of attorney if i sign a form. and i don't know, but probably i can give people visitation rights too. why not make the whole shebang declarable, either as a package deal or piecemeal? and if someone wants to marry then they can, but it has no legal effect or status on its own
seriously, even if i were some hyperfundamentalist captain jesus dude who thinks all them queerosexuals are filth, the government is the LAST place i would look to for protection of the holy sacrament of marriage. and hell, the evil gays wouldn't even be near the top of my agenda - drunk quickie vegas marriages do a lot more harm to 'marriage as love and family' than some loveydovey gay couple.
seriously, why is this an issue in the first place? if you want to legislate morality, then fine (all laws are in a sense moral judgments, after all), but as long as drunk britney spears getting hitched for an hour carries the same legal weight as a solemn lifelong vow, i don't think they really have a leg to stand on.
it still could be all meaningful and deep and symbolic if you wanted it to be, but i don't see why an expression of love should have any legal/financial implications. marriage as a tradition and social institution has no inherent relation to marriage as a legal construct. it's only when people confuse the two that we get things like quickie vegas weddings and anti-gay-marriage groups, becuase otherwise they just wouldn't matter
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