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i survived!

holy crap, washington i am in you! seriously, i didn't entirely realize this until we were driving through seattle last night on the way here. i was looking out at all the city lights and newness and grinning and OMIGOD I MOVED SO FAR AWAY. strange feeling. and then i was talking to lauri and she says i could almost definitely get a job at her shitty work and start this week, and i realized something else too: it takes more than moving to change life in any substantial way. fuckin buzzkill. but nonetheless, i am thrilled to be here. my neighborhood, near as i can tell, is composed entirely of apartment complexes, barbershops, cheap restaurants, and goodwill type stores. for 6 cents, i bought the Clifford I Love You Popup Book. so totally cute and nice, even if none of the popups work right now because they're all torn. living with lauri is going to be so much fun (albeit sometimes hectic). she mentioned seeing some newspaper around here recruiting a paid columnist position, which is something i have actually been thinking about for awhile as something to look into. i can't imagine i will be getting paid for it any time soon, but there are 38432 little indie papers around here that i'm sure would love some regular contributions.
the trip itself i will post about another time, because now i have to pee and go to bed sleeping bag on livingroom floor.

oh, and i will give the new contact info in a friended post. if you want it and can't see it, ask me.
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