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and that's news to me!

my paper route was a clusterfuck and a half last night. i had been doing just fine at paperboying until the dispatchers or whoever exploded mistakes all over me, i had no idea what was going on.
okay, so tomorrow (aka tonight) is a super bonus paper day, where everyone who is subscribed - even if it's just for the sunday paper - gets a copy. so i show up to get my papers last night and there is twice as many as normal for no apparent reason. they're just there and the form still says that the special day is tomorrow. it was 3am and the dispatch office doesn't open til 4:30am because they are helpful, so i just figured somebody fucked up the flyer and the speical day wasn't friday but thursday, and set to work.
so i am off delivering my ton of papers (129 to be exact. weekday is normally 69). this is my 1st time doing hte weekend route solo. i had teh weekday route down pretty well, but this one is screwy and the directions are terrible, so it was taking FOREVER. halfway through, i realize i am running out of plastic bags to put the papers in, so i call dispatch who is finally open, and they're like uhhh there's no one here tonight to bring any out so just leave teh papers cuz it's not raining. so okie doke, i'm doing that. then i straight up can't find a house. i am driving back and forth on the road and it's just not there. so oh well, no paper for them. then i run out of papers. i had 29 stops left to make and no papers left. by this point i don't know what the fuck is going on and it's 7am and i have to be at value village at 8am, so i say screw this, drive home, have breakfast, and go to work. and 30 people last night got no news.
i just checked my messages, expecting to have someone yelling at me for shirking my sacred duties. the only thing is a msg about where i can pick up plastic bags tonight. i wonder if they know i ditched

in other news, on the value village muzak station today they played some song that sounded to be from the 50s or so. it was one of those dumb songs where the lyrics are entirely devoted to telling you how to do the dance which you are meant to do during the song. the dance was called the chubbaduck, or something like that. but anyway, there was one line in the song that went "push your baby out!" which makes me wonder what sort of dance they think they are choreographing. and then another line goes "if you don't know how to do it, ask my little sis" which really makes me wonder what sort of dance they're choreographing.
that's all.
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