Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

so i had to print out a form today, to mail it. i put it onto my flashdrive and went driving down northwest, stopped at the first copy place i saw, Poor Rob's Copy / Design. turns out, he is poor for a very good reason. he may be good at design, but he could not manage to print out my file without me telling him what buttons to click. and then..

"so i don't really know what to charge for this, this is new."
"yeah. the place around the corner, you know, they'd charge you five bucks just to plug your drive in, get the file off of it, plus printing on top of that."
"seriously? what a scam!"
"have you ever done this somewhere else?"
"uh nope. i used to have a printer, before i moved"
"oh. well, what do you think i should charge?"

we settled on 50 cents for 2 pages, which i think is a bit high, but i'm not too worried about it.

i made a friend today!
went out to my car and found this note on my windshield:
Maggie #217
so i'm gonna go visit later.
Tags: amusement, daily life

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