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i woke up around 5am. i'd been having a dream of lisa (newspaper delivery manager lady) calling to yell at me for not delivering my papers, and i was so distressed i woke up, which is convenient, because i hadn't delivered my papers. somehow instead of 2am i set my alarm for 6am. which i suppose is understandable, seeing as i don't remember going to bed in the first place so i guess i was rather woozily tired at that point (though with nothing on lauri, i'm sure, who had been up for like 30something hours. i wonder how her route went). so i went flying out of the apt (fast enough that i'm fairly sure i forgot to turn my alarm off, so i guess lauri did that) and delivered my papers in record time. which is not to say that they weren't late.

jaime - lauri's boyfriend - decided he wanted a kitten. because he is off to blow up iraq soon, the kitten is living with us. why he needed to get one just now i'm not really sure, but i don't mind because she is tiny and adorable and spastic and looks like a cross between a chihuaha and a rat (except totally cute) and her name is dimple.

update! lauri informs me that she found me asleep on the couch last night and made me go to bed and set my alarm (but didn't check that i did it properly, it seems). and i was grumpy about it.
Tags: daily life, dreams

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