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"malo malo malo malo" is latin for "i'd rather be in an apple tree than a bad man in adversity". malo malo malo malo! or, as the ancients would have actually written it, MALOMALOMALOMALO. that rules so hard.
ben informed me of this wonderfulness, and explained it as follows:
The first malo is the first person singular present active indicative form of the verb malo, malle, malui, prefer, rather. The second word comes from malus, -i, which means apple tree. It's form is ablative, specifically "ablative of place where." The third malo comes from the masculine form of the adjective malus, -a, -um, which means bad. Used without a noun, it becomes a substantive, usually understood to mean a bad man. It's in the ablative case, which is also used to express the second half of a statement of preference (e.g. I would rather be this than that). The last word comes from the neuter form as the same adjective as the third malo, and as a neuter substantive, it means something like in a bad way or in a bad situation. It is in the ablative case again, in a situation that is linguistically similar to the ablative of place where above.
now you know.

"you should come back to new england for college, again. i think you should get more bachelors degrees. you only have one. i have two." -casey
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