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value village had a contest, wherein one was to write of one's best story of being an employee of said fictional village[1]. lauri bullshitted something which made the lady judging the contest cry, and since making people cry = victory, she won the contest! yay lauri!! and the prize? a trip for two to anywhere a value village is located, up to 2000$. first choice was obviously australia, but it turns out that just 1 ticket out there is like 1500$, so that's no dice. backup auxiliary choice is hawaii, and the current (vague) plan is that lauri dennis and i will go in march-ish, and become carribean tiki gods, or whatever one does in hawaii. current plan is also that i pay for my own ticket and dennis pays for our triumviral expenses while we're there.

in conclusion, fuck y'all, i'm going tropical.

[1] i would like working there way more if the stores were designed like small cities and all the employees dressed like godzilla or such and got to stomp around and climb buildings and shoot radiation lasers and all the cool shit city-destroying monsters like to do. also: sell used clothing and goods.
Tags: adventures, friends, fun times, vital moments, work

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