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so i just saw batman begins. what a stupid shallow self-important undercutting piece of crap. and it didnt even have good action scenes!

so now i will make stirfry.

okay i suppose i could say more, in case anyone cares. here's a revamped version of what i said to carter:

it was bad drama and bad action and bad pretensious*. i thought the action was boring and the direction was like a tv movie (except during the trippy parts. nolan can do mindfucks). and the mvoie tried so hard to be deeper and meaningful, but its points sucked when it bothered to make them - good people are good and bad people are bad and crazy people are bad, for no reason. social darwinism. and he made such a big deal about not killing and splitting from the league, but he basically tried to kill rhas twice. just because he didn't finish it himself, that's crap; he may as well shoot him and say he didn't do it, the bullet did it
the villians sucked. falcone had 1 good scene, in the restaurant, but he was gone too fast. scarecrow was cool (i loved the guy playing him), but they made no attempt to explain his deal and he didn't do that much. and for a league of shadows that has existed for thousands of years, it sure was small and easy to beat. the ninjas and gangsters and cops were 99% generic, which isn't bad for background people running around, but earns them no points either.
it tried very hard to be dark and intense drama, which would be great. i thought it failed at what it tried to be. and by trying, it ruined the backup of most superhero movies, which is silly mindless fun (it also made the one-liners seem really out of place).
the development of batman was better than any of the other movies, which is good. i liked the part at joe chill's trial. his bat fixation was really hokey though. i didn't get the deal with lucious fox. what was he even doing there? if his job was to invent shit that nobody wanted to keep him out of trouble, why didn't they just fire him in the first place? it seemed easy enough when the guy got around to it. gary oldman was cool, but gary oldman is always cool. and generally, i thought burton's had a cooler tone. this was regular noir.
i'll still see the sequel. x-men sucked, but i love the shit out of the 2nd one

* bad pretensious is when a movie thinks it has said something meaningful, but it hasn't. good pretensious is when a movie tries to say something that actually is meaningful, but it doesn't quite get there. zardoz has spoken.
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