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i don't think i ever posted this-- brutalities commited at the GWAR show last month:
*the pope (dressed all in red with a swastika on his hat) was slashed open
*somebody who might have been intended to be a real person but looked to me like a tall grey zombie got beheaded
*bush was eviscerated, pausing only to smack a slave with his intestines a few times
*cheney got beheaded
*the shriveled fetus of ozzy osbourne got beaten down, and sharon osbourne got her breasts and then whole front lopped off
*michael jackson beat a small child to death with his giant cock (which he then used to swordfight an ass slave). i assume michael eventually was slaughtered in some fashion, but i forget
*a t-rex was rather boringly stabbed through the head

after the show, at amber and melley's urging, i asked a roadie how much blood they go through in a night. i don't think he liked me very much.

on a related note, (link from jess)
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