Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

this knife cuts cynics

so here is my newest scheme (i have schemes pretty regularly. some i even follow up on): print up a bunch of generosity cards. staple money to each one. stroll downtown seattle/vancouver/etc and hand them out to anyone who asks for change or is sitting around being homeless or has a funny hat or whatever. get a high five from ghandi.
i'm thinking 20 of them with a 5$ bill each sounds cool. i'll have to wait a month or two to have 100 extra bucks for skullduggery dogoodery though, seeing as washington state was kind enough to charge me FIVE HUNDRED BUCKS for the priviledge of driving my car in their state. fuck you, use tax!
and what sort of good deeds will my chosen street urchins spring on the world? who knows! but i have another scheme lined up for that too: i want to start commissioning artwork. like, instead of giving them the five bucks, offer to pay them for a haiku or a sketch or something. if i happen to come across my misplaced motivation and ingenuity, i'm picturing like a gallery selling homeless art - paintings, stories, etc - and giving them all they earn minus shopkeep. or even better, have them for sale on the walls of local hippie cafes and things, so there's no cost coming out of it (though the places might probably want a cut, good free PR could cover it instead, i'll bet).
i'm fully aware what a goofy hippie idea this sounds like, some quixotic plan to save the world that amounts to nothing. but why not, all the same? this came out of me thinking, i want to be doing something worthwhile, but i am very bad at doing, ya know, work. so i need to find something that's not really work. also, something creative, from myself and just being in a creative imaginative atmosphere. it's a kick.
Tags: dan, links, schemes

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