Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

siiick. slept from 2pm-midnightish, waking up every few hours to try to throw up. i felt extremely nausious but nothing was coming (though at one point i think i shot stomach acid out my nose, which SUCKED). then i started explosively sweating which was weird. eventually i stumbled into the kitchen to get a nice bland piece of white bread, which seems to have helped a bit. delivering papers tonight is gonna rule.

so remember those "i feel like chicken tonight" commercials from forevers ago? i JUST got the pun[1]. and earlier jenn jk it was cara pointed out how nero got its name[2]. maybe tomorrow i'll figure out the hidden secret of dr seuss

[1] 'i feel like chicken' can mean 'i feel like eating chicken' (which they wanted you to do) or 'i feel like i am chicken', hence the people doing the chicken dance everywhere
[2] nero fiddled while rome burned. now nero burns cds, and the icon is a burning colliseum.
Tags: daily life, trivia

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