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bleeding for fun and profit

i was informed today that i have small veins, and this is why it was taking so incredibly long for my poor arm to pump out plasma. news to me! i've given blood a mabillion times, and platelets once. never had much of any problem with it. and this despite their amazingly fancy setup. i think just one of their magical devices could fund every red cross blood drive i have been to. and omigod were they intense about avoiding liability. i had to affirm not having gay sex with african hooker cows on opiates vacationing in britain (or something like that) at least four times, including once where i had to read the statement out loud to the doctorlady, agree with it, and initial the paper. and then they gave me a quiz, to make sure i understood all the HIV risk factors and could give informed assurance that i was clean. (hint: all the answers were yes. it was not a difficult quiz.)
but anyway, i got to spend a couple hours reading my book (peter straub - ghost story), got 15$ for my troubles, and when i go back in a couple days and do it again, i will get 30$ more. huzzah!
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