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January 24th, 2006

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09:23 pm - Somewhere, Someone Can Hook You Up
By Inga La Gringa

If you’re gonna eat meat, raise your own damn chickens.
If you can’t raise chickens, then have a chicken co-op with someone who has the space. If you don’t know anyone who has the space, put up flyers or advertise online and find them.
can hook you up.
Knit winter wear and sew clothes for the kids in your neighborhood.
Exchange this for music lessons for your children, for help putting in a garden, for expertise on canning.
Do manicures and style hair.
Exchange this for new interior decor.
Fix cars or broken appliances.
Exchange this for help with your taxes.
Teach young people the history you have lived.
Exchange this for new slang words.
Offer self-defense classes in the park.
Exchange this for help fixing up your house.
can hook you up.
Counsel someone with their finances.
Exchange this for a gorgeous eight-tiered wedding cake for your sister.
Make a website.
Exchange this for childcare.
Mentor someone with your chess skills.
Exchange this for poker expertise.
Paint someone’s front porch/stoop.
Exchange this for a year’s worth of homemade candles.
Make sure all the kids in your neighborhood know how to swim.
Exchange this for the love and gratitude of parents who cannot afford swim lessons for their children.
can hook you up.

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Date:January 25th, 2006 06:48 am (UTC)
I've been living that for a year and it works.
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Date:January 25th, 2006 07:07 am (UTC)
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Date:January 25th, 2006 11:17 am (UTC)
That seems somewhat ridiculous. Barter doesn't really work in cities, and I don't really work in small towns where this kind of silliness has a chance of succeeding. No thanks.
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Date:January 25th, 2006 02:31 pm (UTC)
bartering is a system about community, not necessarily size. there is a girl in my spanish class who works a booth at the pike street market in seattle. she always talks about how she gets all her homemade soaps and perfume, or clothes and socks and scarves, or homegrown vegetables or whatever from trading skills/things with various merchants. she once received a brand new paint job on her car in exchange for english lessons.

and even you do practice it to an extent. the darksiders are constantly exchanging favors, lynn baked geri's wedding cake, geri decorated the hall for lynn's wedding. i clean after geri's mom's funeral, geri helps me alter clothing. it's all about being connected to other people, not about where you live.
[User Picture]
Date:January 25th, 2006 02:47 pm (UTC)
You eat meat, you don't raise your own chickens. The one who has a booth at the Pike St Market did not barter for the course she is taking.

The poemthing is not talking about doing favours for friends. It says someone can hook you up, implying that sort of trade with people you don't know. You know who can hook me up? Dead presidents.
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Date:February 9th, 2006 08:15 pm (UTC)
And that's nothing but pure and simple old-fashioned communism.

I just had to drag out that old quote.
Date:January 25th, 2006 03:15 pm (UTC)
I pretty much agree with this. My first thought after reading this was, "Wow, this author must think that everyone lives in happy nice land where this might actually happen on a more random level." Sure, I do stuff like this for my friends and people I know, but I feel like the point of this poem is that complete strangers could do this for one another. I'm sorry, but I honestly don't think people are that nice.
Date:January 30th, 2006 06:24 pm (UTC)


Neva gonna happen.
[User Picture]
Date:January 31st, 2006 01:56 am (UTC)

Re: Nope.

it happens all the time, friend

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