Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

bring me the head of the one-armed man

i have found, in my political musings, that i have a bloodthirsty streak which i am not happy about. i am taking great pleasure, for example, in the republicans' ridiculous string of scandals running up to this election. not just because it's going to cost them politically, but because i think they're tools and like seeing them get it on the head. this is a disney morality, where not only does the good guy have to win, but the bad guy has to get tossed off a building. i don't like it. i am opposed to retribution, i don't want to want it.
oh well, welcome to humanity, self.

i had something else pseudo-deep that i was going to say, but i forgot it, so i'll just go to bed.

oh, this isn't it, but -- i realized today that i'm not passionate about any kind of art anymore. i mean, i still like it, i like watching movies and listening to music and reading books. but i like it the way i like a good sandwich. it's tasty, if i'm really in the mood for it it's wonderful, buuuuuuut who cares? it's just a sandwich/book/movie/song/poem/painting/sculpture.

okay, now bed.
Tags: art, dan, philosophy

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