Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

i love these people

[5:38:08pm] [skrolnik] ... melley, on her ex:
[5:38:10pm] [skrolnik] this is like the time he decided he was going to teach himself to type
[5:38:10pm] [skrolnik] one-handed so he could drink coffee while he typed, and it took him a year
[5:38:10pm] [skrolnik] to understand why everyone responded "...yeah...drink coffee...riiight..."
[5:39:51pm] [Raventh0n] dude
[5:39:54pm] [Raventh0n] i can touch-type one-handed
[5:39:55pm] [Raventh0n] it's not hard
[5:40:15pm] [Raventh0n] i type faster one-handed than some people type two-handed
[5:40:27pm] [Raventh0n] the following was typed one-handed.
[5:40:35pm] [pezzy] Same here. It's a necessary gaming skill.
[5:40:44pm] [Raventh0n] the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
[5:40:50pm] [Raventh0n] double space. damn.
[5:41:49pm] [pezzy] I'm typing this one handed. I rule.
[5:42:41pm] [Raventh0n] pezzy: but are you masturbating?
[5:43:32pm] [skrolnik] .mr sttevids rtoyvfd ibe fsbded'
[5:43:40pm] [skrolnik] okay i can't touchtype one handed
[5:44:00pm] [pezzy] No. I'm ganking. WAY more exciting.
[5:44:08pm] [skrolnik] ganking?
[5:44:22pm] [crschmidt] wow term
Tags: amusement, friends, quote

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