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here i come to save the day

hey, remember when i actually updated my livejournal and said what was going on in my life and stuff? yeah..

so the main thing is that i have been seeing melley since GWAR[1]. we were 'just dating' for awhile, until one night i drunkenly decided she should be my grirlfiend (first i typed figlrifirned, but i corrected it. sortof). so now we are in an open relationship, which is interesting. it really suits me, though. i am totally without jealousy in these matters- as long as it doesn't hurt us, what's it to me? i want her to be happy and having fun when i'm not around, and since she lives 1 1/2 hours away and i work every night[2], this is often.
of course, neither of us have been slutting it up or anything. but we could be! who's up for an orgy?
but yes, seriously. i like how things are going. i like her, and i like the freedom to follow other situations as they arise, for both of us.

[1] best beginning to a relationship ever. just imagine the nostalgia.. "grandpa, how did you and grandma meet?" "well sonny, there were these intergalactic monsters playing their devil's music..."

[2] although! ross finally got back to me, and as of the other night i finished training a blandly pleasant elderly couple to take over my route, so me and lauri can get started on splitting hers. yay! i swear, the wife of this couple is the worst directionatrix ever. she's sitting there holding the route list, it says something like "#602, green mailbox on the right" and she'll tell her husband "okay, next is 602" then she sits back, mission accomplished. i wanted to headbutt her. but whatever, her husband ignored everything she said anyway, so it didn't really matter if she got it right or not. and now, i get to learn lauri's giant route, woo. it will be nice having days off, considering neither of us have had any since OCTOBER

and this split will give me time to do things such as.. oh, i don't know.. visit new hampshire (and outlying territories thereof)! april 18th through 30th! yes! prepare for hugs, laughter, and possible sex. parties in my honor (or at least in my timeframe) are strongly encouraged. kthx

tonight i am going to an open mic, downtown. maybe i'll read something. yzy!

ps: okay battlebots, you all lose. i have officially gotten the best comment ever, and odds are high that it wasn't from you.

important note: my meeting melley, if not all other joys in my life, are due solely to amber, in whose debt am i. because that's how she rolls.

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