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"he should be calling any minute!"

okay. so. driving lauri's car on the route saturday night, i cleverly managed to hit the curb. killed the front right tire, the back one leaking, both rims bent. AWESOME. so i call lauri, who comes rescue me in jaime's car. meanwhile, the man himself is due to make an appearance (back on leave) at basically any moment. so yesterday i am calling around for a tire place that is open on sundays. turns out my only option is sears. AAA tows us to sears (in the process of which, the rear right tire exploded majestically), who mention that oh btw we don't have any rims here and it will take a week for them to show up. why they didn't mention this on the phone when i specifically asked about rims would be a good question. of course, by now the only open rental place is closed. so we're like uhhh fuck, and lauri calls dennis, who offers to rescue us. as it eventually turns out, the army is slow and dumb (again), so crisis averted. but jaime should be calling Any Minute Now.

in related news, the tow guy mentioned he is looking to sell a car. '93 saturn (i believe) for 1000$. i will call him today, after taking care of lauri's car. it's not that 300 dollar car i saw on craigslist yesterday, but worth a look.

THE LEGEND CONTINUES: today i called meridian tire to see if they had wheels. the guy's like yeah, my supplier's got that, hold on! he comes back a minute later saying the dude's got them in his hand, and...... they'll be there tomorrow. i ask if there's any way they can come today, he gives me the number to gundie's [special note to gundie's: your name is dorky]. whoever i talk to there, after asking me 900 questions that i don't know and that no other places needed to ask, decides that yes they have 2 wheels and i should come get them. woo. so i drive over there, and after being told to talk to 4 different people, i am told that yes they have them.... at a different location and they'll be there tomorrow. at this point sparks started shooting out of my head, so the guy poked his computer a few more times and said oh hey we do have 2 wheels here. so fast forward to an hour and a half from now and lauri's car should be living again.

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