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hooray i'm awesome!

I'm secure and happy in my relationships.

You have described yourself as securely attached. This means that you are likely to have happier relationships and be better able to sustain commitments than people who have an insecure attachment style.
You are likely to have more positive emotional experiences and to be more happy and outgoing in interpersonal relationships. You will be more likely to express what you really feel. You are more likely to be able to depend on others when it is appropriate, and yet able to function autonomously in your own sphere when that is appropriate. You are also more likely to raise children who themselves will have a secure attachment style.

also: mild ADD, borderline ADHD, no anxiety, no bipolar, borderline depression, no mania, no eating disorder, no OCD, no sexual addiction.

thanks internet!

bonus wtf choice from one of the quizzes--
My partner's feelings for me are like: (1) A broken leg wrapped in a wet noodle.

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