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judas redeemed

like i said the other day, any proponent of a weird theory is going to seem at first like a crank. maybe they even ARE a crank. but that doesn't mean they aren't correct. case in point:

as i gleamed from the radio a few nights ago, some looters in the 70s found the gospel of judas. it hadn't been translated and authenticated and whatever until now, but according to this new document, judas did not betray jesus for 30 bucks. instead, judas was jesus' favorite apostle (sucks to be you, peter!), and jesus tasked him with selling him out because jesus needed to get hisself died for our sins. also because he was sick of being human, which says a lot. jesus told judas that everyone would hate him for a bazillion years, but secretly he was the most bestest of all. assuming it isn't a clever forgery (not that i would ever distrust looters), i'm curious what christians will make of this.
however! the reason i bring it up is that there are people who have been campaigning on judas' behalf for years. i did a paper on bible translation errors a few years ago, and came across no less than two seperate theories (just in reading about mistranslations, mind you. i'm sure there are scores of them in other areas) of how we might have been misreading what they were saying about judas all this time. the people expounding these theories sounded a tad loony (one guy would regularly dress up as judas, to give "my side of the story"), which i suppose explains why none of the news reports of this find have bothered to mention that the theory has been around for some time already.

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