Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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things seen last night

hart. her awesome/gross barn. her little creepy graveyard. 8 deer[1]. a potentially rabid[2] possum[3]. candy grills.

[1] it was like Ring 2. we pulled into her yard and there was this whole gang of deer milling around, staring at us in my headlights. i tried to get a picture of them but none came out.
[2] hart insists it was drooling and possibly foaming. i saw what coulda been drool but it wasn't clear. definitely no foam. and it wasn't acting very rabid, poor thing ran away from us in terror (to be fair, we ridiuclously decided to chase it down elm st).
[3] or something? i don't know what any animals look like. maybe it was a wolverine. or an orphan.

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