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i got pulled over tonight, on my route. officer grumpy very loudly told me not to drive on the wrong side of the road. iv'e been pulled over on the route a handful of times, and when they see i'm a paperboy they just tell me to keep my eyes open. this dude, however, was pissy. he told me if he saw me doing it again i'd get ticketed. so okie doke, i called amanda bosslady, who helpfully did not have her phone turned on. called dispatch, and they were honestly flabbergasted, which tells you how often this problem comes up. as of now, i'm going to guess that it was just one cop having a bad night and he felt like yelling at someone. shittier options are a) he genuinely is opposed to newspaper delivery, and plans to ticket, and his regular patrol brings him across my route[1], or b) the police have decided to start enforcing a useful traffic law for once[2]. i don't know what they would expect us to do isntead though - seems to me the only other option would be pulling over on the normal side of the road and running across the street, for each tube. aside from being way less safe, this would just take too damn long. the herald would need 2 or 3 times more delivery people, which i don't think they would be too happy paying for. maybe the cops will just outlaw delivering newspapers, that'd be funny.

[1] in which case, i suspect lauri and i are out of a job.
[2] i'm well aware that my job is pretty much begging for a collision.

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