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i had a brilliant clever idea for a book yesterday: dan brown is part of a conspiracy and he wrote hte da vinci code to throw everyone off the track, or some crap like that, and he leads a secret organization to take down the catholic church. or maybe he is secretly working to save the church! he is trying to whip up such a fuss that people come to their defense in the Culture War and start a new crusade! it'll be like illuminatus! different conspiracies all trying to outconspire each other so none of them even knows the purpose of any of the others anymore.
the main thing keeping me from starting this project, aside from inertia, is that i would have to immerse myself into the whole da vinci code/holy blood holy grail/church history world to figure out what to bring in. or i could just pull it all out of my ass, but that would be less scathingly fiendish.

oh, and dan brown is secretly albino, but he is ashamed so he wears makeup and contacts etc.

in news of a similarly literary character: a harry potter/CSI fanfic (an unfinished one, at that) was nominated for the james tiptree award.

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