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open eyes

in general, i am very open-minded about people's beliefs and experiences. in general, i'm totally willing to admit the possibility of whatever god or spiritual widgit someone follows. but then when it's not in general, when i'm talking to a specific person about their specific beliefs, it's all i can do sometimes to not roll my eyes right out of my head. i feel bad about that, but some people just seem to me to have so blatantly succumbed to wish fulfillment fantasies. getting to know and work with your subconscious is a wonderful idea, but mistaking it for a seperate outside entity sounds dangerous. i am torn on spirituality generally - while, as i said, i am willing to accept anything as possible, i am yet to find a religion that seems to me likely (i don't come easily to faith; i am looking for understanding). so on the one hand, if you want to believe zeus talks to you through a pet goldfish, well as long as it makes you happy and doesn't ruin your life, why not? on the other hand, if something is ridiculous and wrong, looking the other way feels to me like letting someone walk into a beartrap.
and really, this can apply to anything. let's talk about furries for a moment, shall we? for the two of you who don't know, furries are (as i understand it) people who get off on dressing as anthropomorphic animals. they're also the laughingstocks of the internet. and just today i came across nazi furries, which ratchets it up a notch. they dress like anthropomorphic animals who dress like nazis. now on the one hand, far be it from me to claim somebody's sexual preferences are not up to the same level of respectability as my own, because really, how could anyone possibly rank something like that? there is just no criteria. but on the other hand, i can't help but wtf at it all. for all my attempt at liberal acceptance, some things are just fucking weird.

King Nixon (8:42:04 PM): sometimes these people make me feel very whitebread
discordia81 (8:42:19 PM): i think we are though, aren't we?
King Nixon (8:42:36 PM): "i like giant anthropomorphic badgers dressed as hitler"
King Nixon (8:42:39 PM): "i like.... uh... girls"

edit! this isn't to say that i don't think general religious/spiritual beliefs are plenty ridiculous. because i usually do (possibilities of them being true notwithstanding). but i can still talk/think about them reasonably with no problem. the more specific the details get, the harder it is for me to not facepalm.
so in conclusion, i am open-minded but i think you're probably wrong.

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