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fuck today - here is where i live

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May 29th, 2006

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10:16 am - fuck today
so as stated in previous voice post, my car got shitty on me during the route. i called lauri, who drove out, gave me her car, and drove mine home (she called when she got here and said that it drove just fine on the way back, so i dunno what's up with it. it was definitely Not Right for me).
during the route, i knock the left nosepad thing off my glasses somehow. the right piece was already long gone. i went awhile ago to get it replaced at walmart, and it literally fell off again before i got out of the store. pah. but now they're both gone, which makes my glasses sit rather uncomfortably. not to mention, the left piece didn't fall out, it broke off, so there's a little piece of sharp plastic sticking out now to poke my nose.
i lost my winning 1$ scratch ticket. oh noes, a dollar, but it's still neat to win those things.
then i'm back here, when somebody knocks at the door. it's like 9am on a holiday, i dunno who would come knocking, so i answer the door and it's this old guy bitching at me about dumping trash. "you can't dump your trash there! you can't do that!" i ask what he's talking about and he says i dumped trash in front of the dumpster. i say no i didn't and he says he WENT THROUGH THE TRASH and found something with my address on it. so i'm like wtf and follow him out, and there is nothing by the dumpster. i ask him where it is, and he keeps saying IT'S RIGHT THERE without bothering to gesture to where there is supposed to be. turns out that there meant in front of the other dumpster that i don't use. and none of the trash he was pointing at was mine or lauri's. and he starts digging through it to find the thing he insists has my address on it, and of course all he could find was stuff with a different address. but he insists mine was there somewhere. okay dude. he wanders off to go accuse other people of stupid things.

oh, sidenote, but i was wondering this: why are cigarettes (and flame with which to light them) the only things people in our culture will just randomly ask strangers for? if somebody's walking around with a mcdonalds bag strangers aren't asking them for some fries, but people are always asking to bum smokes from each other, even if the person they're asking is in no way indicating they're a smoker. somehow cigarettes make people communist, i guess.
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Date:May 30th, 2006 03:32 am (UTC)
I know this happens in the army alot but everyone bumms smokes off everyone else. One day you will be out of smokes and want one and the store will be closed and that person you let have one when you had "plenty" will have one. Its like building good karma. Sometimes people who dont even smoke have a lighter. With there being a good percentage of people who smoke its not a bad idea to ask everyone you see for a light or a smoke, but u mainly go for people who are currently smoking, even if they dont have a lighter they'll jump you smoke. (Use their lit cigarette to light yours)
Date:May 30th, 2006 04:04 pm (UTC)
random side story....
I was on my lunch break at best buy, and some very overweight guy in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank asked me for a cigarette. I was holding a full pack in my hand. So he could see I had some. I didn't really wanna give him one but I didn't know how to say no. so I gave him one. Before he lit it he pulled out a cigar cutter and clipped off the filter... and then he smoked it. I was pretty much horrified.

yeah I don't know why that is. smokers are sympathetic to other smokers because they understand the addiction. when you run out it sucks.
Date:June 20th, 2006 03:36 am (UTC)
Yeah, it's cigarette karma. Every smoker's a part of that community. Pot works the same way, which is even more mystifying because you don't need it so a lot of people get away with being a weed whore without anybody else even realizing it.

We're slowly suffocating ourselves and we're all in it together yay!
Date:June 20th, 2006 03:36 am (UTC)
btw, that was me (StephL) above

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