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second wave didn't last so i'm crashing

but first, i will complain about how i wanted to go to seattle this weekend but don't get to, because lauri's car has suffered catastrophic brake failure, literally days after having the brakes replaced, a month after previously having the brakes replaced. a suspicious man would think there was more to the story...
for now, we're waiting on the mechanic to call and tell her what's wrong. so she needs my car in the meantime to do the route, because jaime's car is not registered, because for this you need the title and the company that had the title managed to lose it in the mail and nevada's DMV won't give her a duplicate title without some form which you can print out from their site, fill out and mail in, but it needs to be notarised locally. for no particular reason. i love how there's 3 cars between the 2 of us and it seems like at any given moment 2.5 of them are crippled. and by love i mean it's really irritating.
i haven't seen melley in... 3 weeks? and every time i have seen her, since nh, she's been sick or whacked out on birth control hormones or something similarly nonsociable. it kinda blows a lot. also i had plans with ben and chelsea and potentially sherm to get drunk and be obnoxious and wear offensive shirts. deprivation all around.
also, i think my bed has sprung a leak. but at least the frozen lasagna i bought the other day is tasty.

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