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so okay, finance

this is something i've thought of before, but now it just fell into my lap. capitalone randomly mailed me an offer for a balance transfer for 0% APR until 1/08, with a 3% fee. so, here is plan: transfer it all (2700$ limit) to my bank account. buy a CD that matures 1/08. pay back the card in full with the CD money before interest attacks. pocket the approx 180$ profit. now granted, less than 200 bucks after a year and a half is not going to be my retirement fund, but still.. it's a chunk of money for zero effort and zero risk. i feel like this is too simple to work, but it seems foolproof.

speaking of, i started a account last night. i am going to follow this article's advice, with some modifications. (specifically: instead of the 33/25/17/17/8 split he offers, i will go with 33/25/12.5/12.5/17 and adjust as catch can). so uhh, yay money.

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