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oh balls balls balls. i was planning to go out tonight and drown my sorrows in gin and juice (shut up i'm a gangsta). but i got distracted and read penny arcade for 3 hours instead :( and now it's 1am and if i go out it'll just be a couple of sketchy dudes eating cheese fries.

and i know this, because every time the herald is late printing and it's 3am and they're like "don't worry, it'll be just another hour!" i go over to the ranch room and it's always a few kids at a booth and some sketchy old guys at the bar eating cheese fries. and one of them is playing that stupid arcade game card machine thing that is installed on the corner of all bars in the universe. seriously, what's with those things? they blow. i mean, people still play them when they're drunk, because drunks are dumb, but why not put in a real game? hell, put in space invaders or something. buy a tv and a nintendo at somebody's yardsale and set that up.

so anyway, like i was saying, i was gonna go out but i'm a loser so now i'm drinking lauri's tequila (jk i took like two sips and stopped) and talking to meg online. and really, that's probably better than going out anyway, which usually involves a beer, staring at the walls, and coming home.

let's hear it for being socially awkward!

ps: i love the expression 'drown your sorrows'. it never actually works that way, of course, but a splendid image, all the same.

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