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irc bbc un tacocat

i think the main reason i post in here so much less than a few years ago is that now i bring all my random thoughts to irc instead.

this prompted by my asking the following in irc:
[8:38:55pm] <skrolnik> does anyone know how the UN works?
[8:38:57pm] <skrolnik> "It was passed unanimously by the Security Council after being revised to drop any mention of Chapter Seven of the UN Charter, which is legally binding and can authorise sanctions or even military action.... The UK and US ambassadors to the UN described the resolution as strong and binding."
[8:39:13pm] <skrolnik> tha'ts from a bbc article and i am having trouble reconciling the two statements

seriously i don't get it. what's binding about a resolution that was specifically edited to remove the binding parts? i don't know if they're bragging, stupid, or just didn't read the resolution.

edited to say that i just got a myspace friend request from "Israel Will Destroy The Arab-Islamic Enemy" hahahahahha the earth is doomed

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