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old hamster + california love

hey remember when i was taking trips and never posted about them? i suppose i could do that now.

in april i went to new hampshire for fun and adventure. i saw lots of people, family and friends, and it was very nice (except for the mass of people i was never able to get ahold of). cara threw me a party. dave took me on a hot date and bought me icecream. hart and i were viciously attacked by deer and a rabid possum thing. emmy tricked me into drinking too much tequila (by pouring it for me. shut up). my spo reunion plans went to naught. mansion family reunion. amanda's going-away party. "goin' all the way" was just as good the 2nd time. stayed on kevin's couch for a few days, commune for a few days. i'm sure lots of other interesting things happened, but nothing comes to mind now.

a bit later i drove down to san francisco, essentially on a whim since i was already planning to go down in july. stayed with sarah for a few days and llama for a few days. explored the city, which is quite a charming place. went to some gay bars/clubs and got hit on by gay dudes (including one drunkass latin guy in maybe his early 30s who came up to me, started admiring my beard, and then asked if the hair went alllll the way down). got offered pot sales at least 7 million times in golden gate park. got lost in some fuckin maze-y gated community at 3 in the morning and slept on somebody's lawn. went to alcatraz, which is pretty neat i guess but not remotely worth the fee. sarah generously gave me a bus card which i promptly lost. i used a credit card to break into llama's apt when i accidentally locked myself out without my phone. maybe this changes with the seasons, but i observe that san francisco is 20-30 degrees colder than everything around it. so while it was slightly chilly there, on the way back up i picked up a hitchhiker who was stuck walking home in the 123456 degree heat. he was kind of overwhelmingly appreciative. he was also lucky, since i was only on that highway because (as he told me) there are two rt 99's and they are labelled wrong. i was trying to go see season but that didn't work out.

then last week i was down there again. driving from bham to LA is definitely not A+ good times, but considering the car was my only access to a/c in the 100+ degree heat (the highest i saw was 115), i think i came out on top. i got down there and promptly failed at getting ahold of anyone during my few days in the city. so i slept in my car, read a lot, and hated life. also: went to the beach.
i think the problem is i'm a bad tourist - i don't really care about seeing landmarks and whatever. i mean, stuff is neat, but i can take it or leave it. i was there to see my friends.
but! after that i went down to san diego to get julie. went around with her and her friend for a bit, then we went up to san fran for a few splendid days with sarah and jeremiah. we went to my first actual poetry slam, with the competition and whatnot. everything i'd been to before was just basically open mics, this was really cool. then drove up here, julie hung out a couple days and flew home. the end!

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