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serious business

so i have been on progressive secretary for a good while now. basically, people write up letters about whatever liberal issue is burning their britches and it gets sent to everyone. if you approve of the letter, you click a button and it is sent in your name. political spam, only it's cool because.. um.. okay shut up i spam politicians (and other figures of malevolence and evil).
anyway though, one letter that came through the pipeline was something about how mcdonalds rapes babies every time you buy a burger, or something to that effect. so i clicked the button to voice my opposition to corporate babyrape and then promptly forgot about it. like a week later i got a rubberstamp email response about how they value my input and i am a wonderful customer whom they individually treasure, as expressed via form letter. still not giving a shit, i deleted it and went about my day.
but! yesterday a letter comes. a for reals letter on paper, because this wasn't just a response to political misgivings, this was Something Important. it seems that their email batch processormajig delayed their sending me a response email by a few days or something, as if i even noticed. they sincerely apologise and greatly appreciate my patience.

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