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so okay. last night at work, some dude was there on his night off,… - here is where i live

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August 12th, 2006

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07:24 pm
so okay. last night at work, some dude was there on his night off, totally trashed and being ridiculous (A+ walking around the parking lot with a case of PBR). we were hanging out[1] and at one point he gave me his myspace. he said he'd just made the acct a couple days ago, because he's moving to nyc next week. so i am looking now and the account name he told me doesn't exist. i am looking through newly made accts but he's not there. so i don't know if he was fucking with me, or just too crunk to get the details right.

i'm always afraid people are just pretending and theyre really screwing with me to laugh about later.

[1] i was there for almost 2 hours! usually i pick up the papers right on time to finish at 6am, which is the latest you're supposed to finish by. but last night was a bag night - one of the many ways the herald shakes extra cash out of advertisers is to let them put their ads on plastic bags[2] which the delivery folk must them stuff every single paper into - so i went in early so i'd have enough time, plus i wanted to get done earlier cuz i was a little sleepy. so naturally the press was running late, and my papers didn't come out until almost 4 anyway which is when i get them on normal nights.

[2] though never before have i seen a bag like this. usually they're just regular bags with stupid shit printed on the sides. this one had 1 pouch for the papers and 1 extra baby pouch for little Dove moisturizer free sample things. obviously this was not at all unwieldy. though on the plus side, since they gave me a ton of extra bags, i could go harvest them and have a lifetime supply of little moisturizer sample packets.

also last night, while we were waiting for the press, the cops chased some dude off the roof of the neighboring building. so we got some entertainment, at least.

UPDATE: okay so the next night, lauri went in to work, and he asked her if i was coming in that night (it was his last night before he moved to nyc) and then gave his myspace to her to give to me. but it's still the same thing i'd been looking for, and he still doesnt exist.
np: matthew sweet - 100% fun - i almost forgot

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Date:August 13th, 2006 03:01 am (UTC)
In 7th grade I used to do my brothers route for him on weekends, and I loathed those bags. I remember getting the little packets of samples pretty frequently, though. And Sunday papers were especially annoying because we'd get them in sections and have to piece them together (I have no idea whether or not this is common practice with newspapers).

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