Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

working for the weekend

so i'm pretty sure the lummi school is run by random number generators. here, let me give you a quick run-thru of the evolution of my new job:

1) 2:30-5:30 five days a week, 12/hr
2) perhaps 2 days of training first, 8-2pm. then definitely two days of training first.
3) 7 days of training, and instead of 12/hr for the training it will be a flat 70$ per day.
all the rest is as of today:
4) instead of 8-2, it's 8-4:30, then it's 8-3 with an unpaid lunch. also note that NONE OF THE TRAINING APPLIES TO US ANYWAY. so we get to spend 6 hours sitting there listening to people lecture us about benefits and 401k's that we're not eligible for. there was also a long discussion of how to censor and control and dole out the kids' (and our, to a lesser extent) use of the internet. this shocked lauri much more than me, since i already think of the school system as inherently oppressive, reactionary, and controlling.
5) lauri, me, and these 2 girls we met there - all four of us were each told a different description of the job and a different schedule of how/when it would function. as it turns out, we were all four told wrong. but it took us a few hours to track this down definitively.
6) after next week when we're done training, it is now 2:30-5:30 (or possibly 3-6?) monday-thursday. so we're out $100+ per month (adjusted for taxes and such).
7) nobody could even tell us reliably what paperwork we needed to fill out, or what to do with them once we had.
8) note that we still don't really have much idea what our job will entail, or the grade levels involved.

on the plus side, 2 new friends, and there's a really good fish and chips place nearby. and by place, i mean sketchballs purple trailor on the side of the road.

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