Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

aloha mahalo taco

hello from sunny hawaii, which isn't quite the Pristine Tropical Paradise of popular imagination, but is still a lurvely place. if you want a play-by-play in great detail, pop over to leyse where lauri is writing up our adventures (and drunk phoneposting). last night we went to a luau, which was really wonderfully 50s I Love Lucy style cheesy rape of the polynesian culture, but all in good fun. and hot hula girls and a fire dancer and lots of colorful booze. today lauri and dennis are at pearl harbor, which i didn't have any interest in going to, so i am going to head to the beach and lounge and if i'm feeling badass maybe i'll rent a surfboard and crash into the rock wall and die. i think tomorrow we go to some museums or something - our plans change 6 times a day so i stopped paying attention.
oh and i got a call this morning from a job i'd applied to off craigslist - they want to perhaps maybe hire me to administer NCLB tests for 4-12th grade. obviously my overriding love for this law and standardized tests generally have excited me greatly over this opportunity. plus they will pay me, which is good since i quit my job friday. but the position doesn't start til january, so uhh maybe wendys is still hiring?

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