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cereal killer

i am, as of thursday, an employee of express personnel services, who this mon-wed will be sending me to work 12 hr shifts at an organic cereal company in blaine. i have no idea what i will be doing, so presumably something terrible. but on the plus side, she mentioned i would be given a hairnet, a beardnet[1], and a lab coat to wear!
in other news, since lately i've been getting up between noon and 2pm, i am staying up all night tonight so can get myself swapped to get to work at 7am on monday. so today should be entertaining, plus i am apparently going up to canada with lauri to hang out with dennis, and to pick up the evanescence cd i somehow won from a vancouver radio station, and then we will come back and supposedly clean even though she's been threatening to make us clean for like a month now.
so in summary: allnighter, canada, lab coat.

[1] note that my hair is moderately less hilarious than in that picture, though i am definitely about due to chop some off.

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