Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

so my job is mainly to dump oats[1] into a bin. and also flax seeds. and then i scoop them out of their respective bins and dump them in a metal thing. i feel like someone punched me in the feet. all the machinery in this place is amazing -- it's like some dickensian industrial revolution factory. everything is big and loud and shaking and doing weird hypnotic mechanical things and smoking and steaming. oh god, there was this one machine which, for the entire time i was there, just shot out a steady stream of smoke. it wasn't on, it looked extremely broken, and i'm not even sure it was plugged in. but constant smoke. part of it was being held on with bungie cord rope. there was this huge oven thing i had to clean at one point, it was terrifying. it's like some scalding wind tunnel. the sides are lined with latched doors. the lady is like "okay open these doors, scrape all the crap out onto the floor, and then sweep it up and throw it out", i asked why not just scrape it directly into the trash and she just kinda stared. but anyway, so i am doing this, and each door btw opens into this shadowy metal coffin filled with cereal flotsom, and making ominous throbbing sounds. then i open one door and the wind just flies out at me, slams the door all the way open, swirls crud into my eyes. very exciting. i couldn't even get the damn thing to close cuz the air was too strong.
and you wouldn't believe how much food gets wasted at this place. at the end of hte night i was walking through the HUGE MAZELIKE FACTORY and there were seriously giant piles of cereal and granola and flax and whatever else, just all over the floor waiting to be thrown out. like able to feed a starving african village piles of food. every shift ends an hour early to devote the whole rest of the time to cleaning up. you'd think an organic company would have some concern for waste, or that any company would think "hey maybe if we upgrade our very ancient-looking machines, then they'll stop literally streaming out wasted material at a constant rate and we will thereby save tons of money". my job, and the job of many of the people i saw working throughout my day, could very easily be done by machine, and better than we were doing it too.
high points of my day: 1) when the people on the little catwalk thing above me decided to clean their floor with an airgun, so they just sprayed their crap all on my head. 2) when i spilled 50 lbs of oats on the floor adn had to clean it up with a little push broom

[1] originally i typoed this as goats. then i deleted it and tried again adn AGAIN typed goats. so i guess i am subconsciously dumping goats. kicking goats to the curb, if you will.

oh and we didn't even get lab coats!! we got these dorky astronaut janitor jumpsuits, with fake pockets. seriously, they took normal pockets and sewed the tops shut. i don't know why.

manual labor rulz oh jk white collar 4 lyfe. on the plus side, kitty seems to have gotten me a job writing for her friend's company which sells academic papers to students (FOR LEGITIMITE PURPOSES he assures me)

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