Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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so you know that reservation job i had for like a week before i gave up on it? they never bothered paying me for most of that. i've been leaving messages, and i finally got ahold of ginger today. she tells me that i haven't been paid because she didn't know when i'd worked because i never filled out a timecard (possibly because they never gave us timecards?), and she evidently never felt like letting me know about this. so i have to go in and do that. what a dumb broad!

i mostly just made this post because i wanted to call her a dumb broad. but while i'm here, i'll mention that michel foucault blows. or possibly his translator blows, but somebody up in there is doing a lot of blowing in his book, and since he's dead, i'll blame him cuz he can't fight back. stupid french philosophy.

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