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not bad not bad

my first day of nano-ing ends in a word count of 1641. i'm gonna need to buck up if i am to survive being gone for a week, but i think i'm all right, and most importantly i'm beating lauri.

"Average word count per Author in this region is 684.70535714286" does this seem like excessive exactitude to anyone else?
and only 684? come on, folks! we're never gonna beat france at this rate!

(bellingham has challenged france to a wordcount battle. or more accurately, we planned to, but i don't think a formal challenge has yet been issued. approx the same number of people signed up for nano in bham as in all of france, so we are keen on starting an international incident)

in other news, i watched roger dodger today and it's just as good as i remembered. the script could have used another edit, there are some parts where roger is over the top, but mostly it's great. and it's funny, no matter what preconception you start with re sex and genders and dating, this movie will probably reinforce how you feel.
i also decided to give up on shadow of the torturer today. i'm like 2/3s of the way through and it keeps promising to become interesting and engaging and then something stupid happens instead, and somebody gives an awkward speech about it. it seems like he's set the book in an interesting world, but i wouldn't know because we learn incredibly little about it, because he hasn't even managed to leave the first stupid city yet and everyone in this book talks like a portentious goon without actually saying very much. so nuts to you, guy, my book will be better than yours.

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