Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

how to vote in washington state: a handy guide to democracy

1) fill out your ballot. don't fuck up, or you need to get a whole new one, which i assume is difficult. erasing is forbidden.
2) remove the stub on the top of your ballot. the entire contents of this stub are: a number, a barcode, and VOTER: Remove and discard this stub before returning your ballot. included with your ballot was an instruction card (don't bother reading it; my instructions are better). on one side are all the instructions, but on the other side, in giganto font, is HAVE YOU REMOVED THE STUB ON YOUR BALLOT? on the back of your SECRECY ENVELOPE (mentioned soon!) it asks Have you removed the stub on your ballot? why is the stub fucking there to begin with? why is it a warcrime to leave it on? who knows.
3) put your ballot into the SECRECY ENVELOPE. this appears to be a normal envelope with a small hole in it, and more instructions printed on it.
4) put your SECRECY ENVELOPE into the regular mailing envelope, which is light purple for very democratic reasons i don't doubt. this envelope has the mailing address on it, and a voter affidavit which seems like it could have much easier gone on the ballot, along with yet more instructions in case you don't know how to seal envelopes. i'll further note that inside it has instructions 1-4, but on the outside only 3 and 4 appear, still helpfully labeled steps 3 and 4.
5) attach the voting tax stamp, pop it in the mailbox, hope the post office doesn't lose it, and congrats you're a good citizen!

why am i still online? i leave for the airport in 5 hours. i guess i'll go pack.

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