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i meant to come back to put out bliss
but the style is crumbling, covered, canned
--deftones, lotion

so, as i didn't get aroudn to saying, abacus didn't want me cuz with only a month left of summer, by the time i am re-trained they don't think there'd be much time for me to be useful. i doubt it would take very long to relearn the stuff, i'd have most of it the 1st day. but whatever, nuts to them.
i applied at cumberland farms today. i guess the lady there works like 15 hrs a day or soemthing horrible cuz she doesn't have enough people, so i pretty much have it, i think. she's gotta do a background check or some shit, and she'll "give me a buzz" tomorrow, she says. yeah. my mom doesn't want me to work there cuz she thinks it'll get robbed and i'll be shot and stabbed and so forth.
o, and i finally got around to using those 2 free rental coupons today. stupid homevision didn't have nosferatu OR boondock saints, the 2 movies i've wanted to see lately, but meh to them. i got blair witch 2 and the ladies man. should be fun.

let me think
let you think about what?
about girls
and what else?
and money and new clothes
and what do i get?
thirty nites
uh hu
of violence
and sugar to love
--deftones, mx

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