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i wrote this last night while waiting for lauri and dennis

here's a recap for you nice peoples:

Tu: read the stand during the flight (when i wasn't napping), arrived, picked up by mom, watched daily show election report, went to bed.
W: went to lunch with mom and renny. we went to andy's, where my mom suggested the fish so i got the fish. it was pretty bland, honestly. went to see mission impossible 3 at the library with mom (it was rote, but i guess fun enough[1])
Th: went to visit grandma with mom, grandma called me a bum, mom took me to buy fancy gentleman clothes. i went to my aunt's house (so there's aunt sally and uncle george, the newmans. but somehow in my head it's just sally's house) for my uncle steve's bday party (i found out later that he was never made aware that this was being billed as his party, as his birthday had been a few weeks previous and they'd had a dinner for him already. so i dunno what that was about). we discussed politics (they are all conservative, but think bush fucked things up, and support israel blindly), current affairs (kevin federline is a big tool), and history (they sang songs from their childhood about goats and donuts, and quizzed each other about nyc addresses they used to live at). apparently steve has made a family history, traced back to 1800 or so. instead of a family tree, he's done it as a narrative. he will email it to me; it sounds neat.
F: completely failed at massachusetts. here is the schedule i was hoping to follow:
  • 10-11:30 commune

  • 12:30-2:30 tara

  • 3:30-5:30 kristan/jenn

  • 6:30-9 desiree/julie/casey

  • 10-whenever J's bday bar crawl

here, meanwhile, is approximately the schedule i wound up following:
  • 11:15-12 commune

  • 2:30-3:15 tara/derek

  • 6:15-6:45 kristan/jenn

  • 7:30-12 desiree/julie/casey/their friend whose name i forget now even though i've met her like 5 times

all the time in between those hangouts was basically spent driving around mass, completely lost with blood pouring out of my ears. that's how i felt by the end of it at any rate. i just don't know what it is about that state, but it seriously ruins my life when i have to drive in it. and i'm thinking of moving there??[2]
Sa: i got to the mub around 1:30. poked around a little, called people, got no answers. was supposed to meet quenn at 2 but didn't know where and she wasn't answering, so i walk outside, and she is right there! that was convenient. nate was there too, and his little sister who apparently likes to drink and pick fights. we dropped them off and went to portsmouth. walked around, looked at ridiculous stores, ran into jackie and erinn. met kevin and bee at the friendly toast. quenn dropped us off at my (mom's) car. we watched slither then went to a karaoke party at beth's which was basically an "everyone shout the lyrics as loud as possible" party, aka completely awesome.
Su: baby naming! family! yay! i recognized maybe 2/3s of the people in attendance, and actually knew maybe 1/4. the ceremony was not all that ceremonial. colby (he's 3) put on a tutu he found who knows where, and sally kept telling him "boys don't wear that! aren't you a boy?" and then i would tell him he can wear whatever he wants to wear and she'd get mad at me. the actual parents didn't seem concerned, so i think i was in the right. plus it was just funny; who gets horrified by a 3 yr old wanting to play with the fancy thing he found? then everyone went to really good lunch, my parents both got a little buzzed, and apparently everyone at my table was a big fan of the wunh polka party. later: lyzi and carter.
M: cara! borat! yay! we went to wendy's first, which somehow seemed even less healthy than usual. her car has a moustache. borat was amazing (though from what i've since read, apparently a lot of people have been fucked over by the making of this movie. for example a village of uneducated poor romanians, who all claim they were lied to and barely paid). later, andrea came, and we got subs (at a place which i swear to you my mom recommended because it had a parking lot. this was the main reason she gave as to why we should go there. and a fine parking lot it was) and trekked through the woods behind my parents' apt.
T: i'll post about today later, but in summary, HAHAHA

i never did figure out how to work my mom's phone properly. i couldn't make the volume go up, so couldn't hear what anyone ever said to me. i couldn't make the ringer or vibrating turn on. i went through the options and pushed buttons but just had no luck with the thing. but nonetheless, it was handy to have. thanks mom, for letting me use your phone. and your car.

[1] i'm really intrigued by casting. i guess this isn't the best example, since he's already an established star and the lynchpin of this particular series - though his public cred is i think down, what with being captain ridiculous - but like, i would imagine the description of this role is basically "amazingly handsome and fit and charming and suave and generally awesome" and actors read that, think hey that's me!, go try out, and the casters agree that it is them. and i mean, a lot of things are just acting, like to be evil for a villain, or quirky sidekick, but you can't act yourself handsome, and if you can effectively act charming and suave, that basically means you are charming and suave, no? or conversely, the roles that require you to be ugly or disgustingly fat or etc. who is trying out for these roles? i guess some people really really want to act

[2] oh yeah, for anyone i haven't mentioned it to, i'm thinking of moving there. specifically, in approx february. want a roommate? know someone who does?

btw, current nano count: 6155. i got like 6 pages done on the planeride home. 5 of that was the first part of the actual monk story.

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