Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

the more i think about it

i don't even fucking WANT to live in boston. i mean, not that i'm against it; i won't hate it, i'm sure it'll be a very nice time. bham has also been a very nice time. but boston's just not somewhere i want to be. nowhere i want to be is currently go, though. basically my thoughts were "well it's near everyone, and it's a city, and there's a job there. yeah good enough". so i guess i'll make do until i move again in another year or whatever. meh.
but of course, the obvious question is why am i moving to somewhere i am not all about? same reason i came to washington, i guess: it was time to move. i like bham - and this coast generally - it's fun and good people. but i don't want to live here, you know? being here makes me restless. i don't know if it's the place or people or atmosphere or what. so maybe boston will be fantacular and i'll be there forever, but i'm not expecting it. and it'll be great to be around all the family and friends i left over there. anyway though, see you in some months!
oh, and this isn't wanderlust btw. i don't really care about seeing hte world and all that. i just want to find a nice spot with a nice girl and camp out.

also, i hate when i start feeling like song lyrics are all totally meaningful and relevent to my life.

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