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"any rich ladies who miss me boning them, please meet me at the nacho cart. oh, and any rich ladies who want me to bone them, please meet me at the nacho cart"

update: haha i rule. evidently, i wrote this entry while smoking crack, for i made numerous errors. i have gone thru and fixed the ones i saw

hello kitty paraphenalia

i am worth exactly: $1,788,610.00, what are you worth? (from hailey79)

so, yesterday was movieday. i watched the movies i rented - actually i watched blair witch 2 the night before, but i'm smart and didn't have enough time to finish it cuz my mom was taping something at 1am, so i had to wait 2 hours to find out how it ended. it wasn't a horrible movie, i don't think it deserved all the wretched reviews it got, but it wasn't all that good either. eh. it had some cool bits, and some stuff that i only got the 2nd time thru. so yeah. though that 'secret of esrever' thing at the end is hardcore lame. "ladies man" meanwhile, was hilarious, as i was expecting. not quite up to wayne's world, but it beats out every other snl movie i can think of. enjoyed it thoroughly.(that's where the subject quote comes from, btw).
i went to my mom's NAMI meeting (national alliance of the mentally ill) cuz she said it was a meeting for siblings of people. from what she said, we'd watch a lil movie clip then they'd talk for awhile. i figured i'd check it out. it turned out to be, watch "benny and joon" [1], talk for 5 minutes, go home. my mom hates benny and joon, i have no idea why, and left half way through, so i got a ride home with some lady there. she was nice.

applied at linens n things today, at my mom's urging. whatever. and i still haven't heard from cumberland, why does everyone in this state suck? it's getting annoying. further news, just called there, hte manager STILL isnt in. 2 days in a row. fuckstop.
i guess that's all i have to say. dropping my car off tonite for its 3 year maintanence/state inspection. fun.

[1] it was cute. johnny depp is The Man, he's on my list of actors who rule

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