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vroom :(

so i went out today for taco bell and got in an accident. my car is totalled. i hit a patch of ice and slid into the back of a pickup stopped at a red light. it's fucked: the fuckin hazards woudln't even turn on. so the people i hit called 911, we exchanged info, the guy helped me get my car out of the intersection, and i stood in the windy cold til the cop showed up. then a half hr later the tow truck showed up. and here i am.

i have the state minimum required insurance. so it will cover the tiny scratch on their bumper, but not the crumpled engine i got.

everyone's fine, since tha'ts the first thing people are asking me. i'm sure i'll be thankful for that later, but i'm not feeling very thanky now.

so i guess i won't be driving to boston.

EDIT: it has been brought to my attention that totalled actually means it is smashed to shit. i just meant it is dead and appeared bashed enough that i won't be able to afford to make it not dead. as far as actual damage to like the body, it was mostly the hood and the bumper i think.

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