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the world is only strangers strangers strangers they do not love you love you love you

so in the continuing drama of my car, which nobody should really give a shit about because it's just a car so i'll keep it brief, insurance is officially giving  me nothing, i am being charged 330 by the tow place, i may or may not get reimbursed for an unspecified amount of that by AAA, and i still don't know if it has any chance of living again. it may go to auction or scrap or whatever the fuck they do with dead cars. either way, i doubt i'll see anything from that. i don't know how these things work and they have me over a barrel. supposedly i'll find out most of this tomorrow, but we'll see.

meanwhile, the other big deal of danlife is moving. when will this happen now? dunno. maybe earlier, later, or other. still to boston? umm less likely but possible. i still want to live in the city more than elsewhere, but i am also getting steadily more destitute. my friend andrea suggested this place which does look pretty kickass. but they seem to only rent by semester so i'd be paying from jan 1st on, which seems unlikely to work for me, though again possible. i am gonna call tomorrow to find out a few things, and maybe yay. i know.... 3? 4? people in providence. but they are all damn good people. and it's a shitload closer to everybody i've been missing than wahsington, even if it isn't in the thick of it (then again, neither is boston). but since boston was a stopgap city for nyc and my heart's not in any of them now, it doesn't make as much difference as it could.
there's also the question of jobs. boston or prov, according to casey, are about equally long a drive to that place he is at, which i still don't know as much about day to day as i'd like. casey is not renowned for his descriptive skills. and there's dennis' tech support place that lauri is applying to and they maybe let you work online from anywhere, which would be handy. question marks everywhere.
and of course, the main thing about living in a place like this is how will i get along with the other people there. which would also be a big question mark til i got out there to meet them.

oh and i found my red hat which i had lost. it was under my bed for some reason.

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