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now i go to the bank to pay the rent. ew.

apparently, as dudes who get into car accidents go, i am very lucky. the front of my car somehow broke around the engine. there is a dent in the frame thingy holding the radiator, but no damage. the hood is folded up, but somehow went over everything in the engine except one of the battery connections. there is a hole torn right through the bumper, but it stops before it hits any of the innards. soo yay[1]! i brought it to the toyota dealership, on parental advice, to get the engine looked over. the guy says a thorough inspection will be like 100 bucks. i figure this is a fair amount to know if it is going to explode 10 miles down the road, so i say go ahead. a little later he tells me that it is obviously okay and they're not even going to charge me for the inspection because there wasn't a lot to look at.

[1] yay to the extent that i don't now have a few grand in body work needed. apparently getting things reasonable will take about 2k, and getting it all pretty would be 3k. so i guess i am going to have a dumb-looking car, now. i'll tell you this much, now i get all the fuckin insurance they'll give me. i made a gamble, it didn't pay off real well. (i think? i suppose that depends on how much more hardcore insurance will run me. time for research!)

EDIT: because i don't need yet another post for this.
car people are stupid. you know how the car dude told me i should come back adn he'd give me a trade-in estimate? after like 20 minutes of taking notes and inspecting things and talking to his boss, he gives me a number i couldve gotten myself in 3 minutes. it's just the kelly blue book value of my car minus the cost of repairs. dopes wasted my time.

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