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DON'T EAT BEES i intend to try my hand at this, feeble as it'll probably be. i got the vocals to their song that's up now, the rhythm is damn confusing

"you have my permission to whimper while you quake in fear. LESS TALK! MORE QUAKING!" --boss, ubersoft

"It is sad that I can not hang myself, for I am taller than all of the trees." next time i am sad, someone remind me to say this. i like it. it's from waiting for godot. this is kinda fascinating [and be sure to note my comment to it, and go read the story!]

today i spent upwards of 5 hours reading web comics, then talked on aim til 5am. my life is weird.

hangin out with sara tomorrow! i'm glad we're having some sort of regular contact again, it was a long time..

meanwhile, i haven't seen lauri in a long time [long for us, at least]. hmm.

once again, i had every intention of going to bed by 3, and once again i failed miserably. o well, i never obeyed my bedtime when i was little, why should i now?

the mood thingy isn't big enough to fit what i wanted in there, which is: not quite sad enough to call it sad.

lyzi IMed me tonite. that was very unexpected. she's doing.. good i guess. i don't really know. i worry about her sometimes, but there isn't much to be done
i could say a lot more about that and her, but i don't really know waht to say. so i won't.

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