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put the receiver to your chest and let me know who loves you best - here is where i live

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December 11th, 2006

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02:55 pm - put the receiver to your chest and let me know who loves you best
i discovered today, on my phone bill, a ton of calls to a private number in manhattan. these calls were made from all over the place[1] -- florida, idaho, cali, wyoming, ROMANIA, BRAZIL -- and were all only a few minutes long. we weren't charged for any of them. i googled the manhattan number and got this japanese site with a long list of numbers on it. this was kind of really fuckin odd. but anyway, after pondering this for a good while and deciding our account had been hacked by romanian drug lords, i called the number (on lauri's advice. i was kind of thinking steer clear of it in case there's a question later) and got our voicemail. so i guess they just route voicemail calls really stupidly for some reason. i also guess neither of us  have ever actually looked at one of our phone bills before.

[1] we've got VoIP, so anywhere with an internet connection that we feel like plugging our magic phone modem into, we can make a call from there, and it gets charged to our account.
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