Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

malcolm and me (and more me)

hey remember when i emailed malcolm gladwell to be his manservant and he never answered me? in hindsight, maybe that ain't such a loss. i haven't read a lot of his articles lately[1], but i'm lj-subscribed to his blog and uh he gets everything wrong. he's gotten himself into this internet blogger debate over some study on racism. he keeps accusing other people of misunderstanding him or misusing social science, when basically he (doesn't know what he's talking about/explained what he's talking about remarkably badly)(one of those) and is refusing to even acknowledge any other perspectives. he seems to do things like this a lot. if i had worked for him, it probably would've ended in a brawl.

[1] hopefully he's doing better there. perhaps i'll check sometime, but dude already lost his halo.

i think after i move and can afford life again and all that, i am going to give meds and maybe therapy another go. i kind of freaked out last night, and it sucked. blah.

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